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5 Star ***** Medicare Advantage Plans - More Options for You! 

Written by: Dave Majher | Last updated April 30, 2023

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Rookie Fact

Five Star Medicare Advantage Plans are private health insurance plans offered by insurance companies that have received a five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). These plans are also known as Medicare Advantage plans.

CMS assigns star ratings to Medicare Advantage plans on a scale of one to five based on various measures such as member satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and access to care. Plans that receive a five-star rating are considered to have excellent performance and quality.

Normally when someone has a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Supplement or just Medicare they cannot change it until the next Annual Enrollment Period Oct 15th – Dec 7th with the new plan starting January 1st the following year.  5 Star Plans gives you the option of enrolling in them anytime during the year.  

Rookie FACT: In Northeast Ohio for 2023 Devoted, Medical Mutual and Summa Care have all attained 5 Star ratings.  This means if you’re not happy with your present Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare Supplement Plan or if you just have Medicare - you now have the option of switching to a 5 Star Plan.

Why would you want to make a switch?  Maybe you have an HMO plan, and your new doctor is not in network, or a new prescription that is not coming up on the formulary.  Maybe your Medicare Supplement monthly premium has had a big premium increase and you just can’t afford it anymore.  Maybe you just have Medicare and want a Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription coverage and gives you the extra benefits like dental, eyeglasses, hearing aids that Medicare does not offer.

As independent agents we represent Devoted, Medical Mutual and Summa Care among other insurance companies.  If you’re interested in finding out more about your 5 Star plan options just contact us by email at or click on the free no cost consultation button below.  

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