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VA Veteran Friendly Money Back Medicare Advantage Plans 

Written by: Dave Majher | Last updated February 4, 2023


Veterans who have Medicare A&B and VA health and prescription coverage are a good candidate for Medicare Advantage Plans which include a Medicare Part B premium credit.

We are seeing more Advantage plans built for Veterans.  These plans will cover the hospital and doctor and include extras like dental, vision, free gym membership, over-the-counter credits and much more.

The one thing that the plan will not include is prescription coverage.  If the Veteran has prescription coverage with the VA, they won’t need it. 
Of course, a Veteran could also get a Medicare Advantage Plan that comes with prescription coverage, but they won’t receive the credit towards the Medicare Part B premium which these plans give.


Rookie FACT: In Northeast Ohio in 2023, United Healthcare, Anthem, Humana and WellCare have PPO Plans which give 
the Veteran a Part B premium credit ranging from $50 to $75 a month.


This is a win, win for the Veteran who not only gets part of his Medicare Part B premium paid but also gets extra coverage for hospital and doctor and extra benefits like dental, eyeglasses, hearing aids, free gym membership all with a Medicare Advantage plan that has a monthly premium of $0.

The Veteran can still use their VA plan 100% and get all the benefits of the Medicare Advantage Plan.  The nice thing is that they have an extra back up plan for coverage at a non- VA hospital or non-VA doctors.  We saw situations years back when Veterans had to be put on a waiting list for operations.  With the Medicare Advantage Plan, they will have access to healthcare with co-pays or co-insurance cost for whatever they are having done.

If you’re a Veteran, first thank you for your service.  Second, If you are a Veteran with Medicare A&B and would like to get more information about the Veteran friendly Medicare Advantage Plans , click on the No-Cost Consultation button below or call 216-659-7230 or email us at

Rookie Fact

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