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Just Say NO to Broadway Joe

Written by: Dave Majher | Last updated August 10, 2022

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For the last couple years, one Medicare ad that keeps popping up over and over on TV is the Joe Namath, Jimmy Walker, and William Shatner Ads.  They promise the Moon, Stars, Sun, and kitchen sink.  Joe tells you….” Just call to find out what your entitled too.”


When you do call, one thing they won’t tell you is that you’re already on a good Medicare Plan.  No, most likely they will want you to switch to another plan, one that promises all those extra benefits you’re missing out on.  Is your doctor in network on this new plan, is your hospital in network, what about your prescriptions – how much will they cost?  They probably won’t check all that.  What good is a plan if you can’t go to your doctor or hospital?

Also, who knows where you’re calling too, is it out of state or out of country?  Who knows where your information is going, probably to a lot of agents…. get ready for those calls.


NO, NO and NO do not call the 800# on this Medicare ad.  Instead call your independent insurance agent who lives near you and who has all the insurance companies plans and knows how they will cover you.

Rookie FACT: Our Rookie's back hair is standing up; he is growling and barking.... GRRRRRRRR!!!!!  Just like when the mailman comes to our house, he wants to warn you NO, NO, NO when it comes to Broadway Joe.  The Taco Bell chihuahua part of him is warning you.  Take heed, buyer beware of dog!


If you’re just calling to see about that Money you can get back on your Part B premium from Social Security, again call your local agent.  There are trade offs when you get that benefit in a plan.  You might have to pay a deductible or higher co-pays for hospital stays and a higher maximum out of pocket.  Like that old saying “There is no such thing as a free lunch” this also applies to the Part B give back. 


If we have a client or new prospect who wants to look at the Part B give back, at least we will have their best interest at stake.  We will make sure to narrow down the part B give back to the best plan for them, which has their doctors, hospital and prescriptions covered as well.


At Your Medicare Options, we listen to your needs and wants and take that information to help narrow down the plan choices that will best serve you.  We would love to have the opportunity to do that for you.  Just click on the No-Cost Consultation button below to submit your information or contact us at 216-659-7230 or by email at

Rookie Fact

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