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California Birthday Rule

Written by: Dave Majher | Last updated August 7, 2020

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The state of California has a unique opportunity when it comes to Medicare Supplements.  It is one of only three states (the others being Oregon and Missouri) that allow an individual to be in open enrollment during their Birthday month.

For a person who would not be able to pass underwriting this gives them the opportunity to switch to a lower premium for the same plan they  have now without having to pass medical questions, height and weight chart or tobacco question.

There is no reason for a Senior in California to be paying  more than they should for their Medicare Supplement.  Only lack of knowledge or thinking that their insurance company is the best keeps them overpaying.  

I have helped many Seniors not only lower their premium payment but make sure they keep it the lowest over their lifetime. 


Rookie FACT: Why pay more for the same exact thing? We compare it to someone buying gasoline.  One gas station has  their unleaded gas for $2.00 a gallon and the gas station across the street has it for $1.50 a gallon.  A Plan G with Insurance company #1 is the same Plan G with Insurance company #2, the only difference is the premium.


From California Department of insurance website...


Q: What is the "Birthday Rule" and how does it apply to the new Medigap Plans?

A: If you already have Medigap insurance, you have 30 days of "open enrollment" following your birthday each year when you can buy a new Medigap policy without a medical screening or a new waiting period. The new policy must have the same or lesser benefits as your old policy. To avoid confusion, the new law specifies which of the new Plans are equal to the old Plans.

If you live in California and have a Medicare Supplement and would like to get a quote on the lowest Medicare Supplement premium in your area, click on the No-Cost Consultation button below or call 216-659-7230 or email

Rookie Fact

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