Medicare does not cover dental, eyeglasses or contacts and hearing aids.  Coverage for these items can be obtained through a Medicare Advantage plan that includes it in their existing plan as an extra or through a stand alone dental or vision plan for for those with a Medicare Supplement plan.  We will be talking about two plans we offer our clients who have Medicare Supplement plans and want to be covered for dental or vision.


Manhattan Life covers you in three areas, dental, vision and hearing.  The $1,000 or $1,500 plan can be used for all dental or all vision or any combination your want.  The Manhattan DVH allows you to go to any provider for dental, vision or hearing as there is no network.  If your dentist is in the Carrington Network you can receive more savings but it is just an extra option.  

There is a one time a year deductible of $100 that applies to all three coverages.  No waiting period for preventative or basic services with dental but a 12 month waiting period for Major work.  Vision has a six month waiting period for glasses or contacts and there is also a one year waiting period for hearing aids.  


You can submit your claim to Manhattan for the services you paid and they will directly reimburse you.  


A lot of clients like this plan for it's broad coverage in three areas and freedom of no network.


View Manhattan brochure for more coverage information and premiums.  You can also signup online for the Manhattan Dental - Vision - Hearing plan.  


Or just call us at 216-659-7230.







National Care Dental


The other plan we offer is a stand alone dental or vision plan from National Care Dental from Nationwide.


It is a PPO plan where you can receive significant more savings if your dentist is in network but can also receive coverage with lesser benefits if your dentist is out of network.  To see if your dentist is in the Maximum Care PPO network.


Preventative covers at 100% for in network and 80% for out of network. Basic covers at 90% for in network and 80% out of network.  Major covers 50% for both in and out of network.  No waiting period for preventative and basic.  There is a 12 month waiting period for major work but that can be waived if you are coming off an existing dental plan which you were on 12 month or longer.  A $50 deductible only applies to basic and major services.

The plan also offers for dental a wide selection of benefit coverage starting from $1,500, $3,000 and $5,000 of coverage for the year.  

Dental plans monthly premiums for $1,500 are $49 for single $89 for couple $96 for family for $3,000, $59 for single $99 for couple and $146 for family for $5,000 $69 for single $114 for couple $180 for family.

View National Care Dental brochure.

National care also has a stand alone vision plan. The Vision plans monthly premium is $21 for single $38 for couple $48 for family,  View National Care Vision brochure.

Medicare Dental & Vision Services


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