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More About Devoted Health Plans

We think one insurance company that is standing out in Ohio in 2024 is Devoted.  This insurance company came into Ohio three years ago and has been rising ever since.  Already obtaining 5 Star plans in 2023 and 2024.


In Ohio they have three HMO Plans, One PPO and Two Dual Plans.  Will go over the three Plans that we think stand out.

Devoted Giveback Plan  How about $164.90 back in your social security check every month.  This Devoted HMO plan includes prescription coverage and extras like $1,000 in dental, $200 for eyewear, free Silver Sneakers gym membership and much more.  Higher co-pays then the other Devoted Plans but not bad at all considering what your receiving in return. Devoted Giveback Summary of Benefits.

Devoted Core Plan  This Devoted HMO Plan
has the lowest co-pays and out of pocket maximum of $3,800 for the year.  It also gives you $6,0000 for dental and $400 for eyewear.  Devoted Core Summary of Benefits.  

Devoted Choice PPO  This Devoted PPO Plan has the same out of pocket maximum $5,300 for in network and out of network.  What is unique about this PPO plan is that almost every co-pay is the same for in network and out of network.  The plan comes with $5,000 for dental and because it is a PPO Plan you can go to a dentist if they are out of network.  Devoted Choice PPO Summary of Benefits.


Rookie FACTS: Devoted is the only insurance company in Ohio with 5 Star Plans for 2024.

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